Your Dogs Health

Dogs are one of the sweetest animals on the planet. They look happy when they are healthy. When your dog is not feeling well, he cannot tell you what is wrong, so as a responsible parent of the dog, you should do a general health check on your dog.

A general health check can detect many problems, and your dog can lead a better life. In this post, I will tell you how to do a general health check of your dog.

Check your dog's nose

You must have heard that a dog's nose can tell you about his health. The truth is that it is not the best indicator of dog health; however, a healthy nose is warm and dry, and a sick nose can be wet and cold.

Check your dog's ears

A healthy dog ​​has furry ears with a small amount of wax. If your dog suffers from any problems, you will see redness, purulent discharge, and an unpleasant odor in your dog's ear.

Check your dog teeth

Checking your dog teeth is difficult but an important thing to do. A general mouth check includes tartar buildup, lumps, broken teeth, inflammation, and bleeding gums.

Check your dog eyes

A healthy dog ​​has bright eyes and some residue present in the corner of the eye. If your dog is not well, he may have a yellow discharge, red-eye, and clouding or discoloration in the eye.

Full body checkup

After reviewing the main organs, you can do a checkup of your dog's entire body by examining its skin, paws, tail, weight, nails, and movement.

A regular health check can keep your dog healthy, and if he has any problems, you can take him to the vet for a proper examination. An annual health checkup by a vet is necessary to detect problems in the dog's health.