How to Separation Train Your Dog and Keep Your Home Safe

How to Separation Train Your Dog and Keep Your Home Safe

Many dog owners train their dog to go into a kennel when you leave the house. This is fine, but you may come home to finds chewed up shoes or messes in all your rooms.

Separation training your dog can prevent this kind of behavior. A kennel is not a cage. A dog should be allowed to roam around freely, both inside and outside of the kennel. In the beginning you may want to limit him to enter the kennel through a door, but eventually you will need to raise the kennel to where he can enter it, when he wants.

You want him to view the kennel as a place of safety. Therefore, when you get home, and your dog is going around crazy, I suggest cutting the kennel door open, so he can see you. The reason being, he may start whining, thinking he won the game, and not come when you tell him to.

The most important thing aboutSeparation Anxiety Trainingis to remember it takes time and commitment from you. If you don't see it through right away, your puppy will attribute his actions to you leaving him alone. And you just left him there for 2 hours, and you forgot to close the outside door. It's very important that every family member agrees to follow the same rules. If you have a different type of puppy, (say from a different marriage), you must alpha-step with him. When you return home, don't greet your puppy in a frilly manner. This will be taken as pack behavior and he will view your return as a punishment. You will have to change your behavior.

Remember, you must be the leader, not the other way around. Give your dog a bit of time to settle down. At first, you may want to give him some stimulation through a chew bone or toy. Let him spend some time barking or scratching at his treat. Make sure he isn't bored. I just gave my dog some very boring toys, and in a few hours, I gave him a new toy which occupied him for a good while. I wanted to protect him from boredom. Another very good reason to give your dog a bit of stimulation is that a bit of obedience training is boring. The dogs I've seen in obedience classes looked like they were tailored to that training. You can make obedience training look like a chore by completing certain actions that are taught, but the dog doesn't seem to care, and they are Screaming, Yelling and referred to the trainer as "Quiet." Did you ever walk in an obedience class and think about how many people were in here and how much they yelled? I

Some dogs are happier when they have some mental stimulation. Teaching them a cool trick with a treat is pretty boring. If you can find some way to make training time fun you can teach your dog to do amazing things. You can find endless books, videos, information on T.V. and stuff on the internet.

Cool stuff like: When you leave your dog keep a very close eye on his behavior. If you see him sniffing and acting like he needs to go out use a familiar odor neutralizer never give a treat when you leave. If you see him entering or exiting his crate make sure you don't give him a treat. If you want him to go into his crate, you can try this: Take him out on a short lead and toss toy in area you want him to use. Dog that don't "go" in the same direction give command to "go' and then reward with toy In this case, it was the toy, not the treat. But if you want to teach "go to "your" special place you will tell "Go" your way. Remember, be consistent. With this, your dog will learn fast. You will have many happy hours with you new dog.