Discover How You Can Help Your Dog Or Puppy Learn to Stop Jumping

Discover How You Can Help Your Dog Or Puppy Learn to Stop Jumping

Many dogs have a jumping problem. Whether they jump when they are excited or want to get their master's attention, jump when bored, or jump as a result of their prey drive, jumping is a normal behavior.

While some individuals choose to ignore jumping, other dog owners wish to address the problem as quickly as possible. In these cases, obedience training is helpful because it strengthens the bond between dog and owner, and helps the dog learn that they are doing well. In order to stop a dog from jumping, the owner should first identify the reason for the behavior.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions, and then check to see if your answer is a definite yes or no. Are you praising your dog when he jumps? Does your dog jump on people? Do you want to get him to stop jumping? Do you deal with his jumping? Are there other reasons for his jumping?

Once you determined the reason for the jumping, you can then begin a simple obedience training session. Try engaging in different activities with your dog. This can include getting him to sit, or standing, or even playing. The more you expose your dog to his jumping, the more he will get the picture that it is not a wanted behavior. In the end, you will have succeeded.

Think about how you can help your dog get rid of his jumping. This process is called desensitization. You should start by going to a location where the dog is most happy to jump. He will then be distracted by the new environment and see that it is not something to be afraid of. Continue by doing this process until you can stand to cancel the jump option.

You may then reinforce this behavior with a reward. This is a Ready/ GO method of training. Trying to get your attention. This is quite common. Owners' dogs are very much the same. When they get excited, they want to communicate thatentertaining· all people in the immediate area.· For example: jumping up for a stranger, or jumping up on the kitchen table. Try ignoring the dog for a few seconds, and then...· A well-deserved treat· Taking him for a walk· Stop being an unnecessary guardian For some breeds, it is a problem to have too much pride.

This can also be a problem for dogs that are very shy. When a dog is excessively shy, it will be frightened even of its master, and it will not perform or respond as it normally would. There are a variety of approaches that can be taken to ease such psychological pain. The owner should be sensitive to the dog's reactions. If the dog becomes depressed, for example, the owner should calmly acknowledge the behavior. If the dog's jumping is in response to stress, the owner should find a way to treat the stress.