Choosing a Breed of Dog

Choosing a Breed of Dog

Before purchasing a dog from a breeder think of yourself and your lifestyle. Do you have enough time to spend with your dog?

Are you willing to do the training that is necessary?

Do you have a large, fenced-in backyard?

Are you willing to make a life-long commitment to a dog?

The typical American household has two dogs.

 The Hovawart breed of dog was created by Doctor Ian Billinghurst. The purpose of the Hovawart dog was to breed a dog with a white coat that had a sharply defined black nose. This was done by breeding Labradors with Northern Australian shepherd dogs. The American Kennel Club accepted the Hovawart dog in 1993. They resemble the collie but with longer coat and rather bushy. Their eyes are the most prominent feature of this breed. You will find that a Hovawart dog is very affectionate, loyal and a protective pet but does not have the typical collie appearance. Their coat must be multiple colors and can be a combination of two or more colors. A Hovawart dog is a smart, very athletic dog that requires plenty of exercise. 

The average lifespan of a Hovawart is 15 years.

 Ask a Hovawart owner to describe their dog and you will hear: affectionate, loyal, sweet, well-behaved, playful, brave, careful, hardy,  rather laid back, intelligent, fun, devoted, and just "okay." They are certainly not a dog that you would want to leave alone all day while you work; they are playful, but not hyper. They are intelligent, easy to train, and they love to play. They will bark, but not all the time. They also love to swim. However, the most important aspect of being a Hovawart owner is your love and care for your puppy. If you could get a bowl of candy for each of you, they would each be happy and attentive. Because Hovawarts are such a social dog, they need constant attention and plenty of exercise. They are miserable inoutine and may develop psychological problems if they are deprived of this. Hovawarts are intelligent dogs, but they are quick to master new tricks. They respond to commands well and they are easy to house train. This, coupled with their overall good nature, makes them an ideal family pet. If you ever wonder whether Hovawarts would make a good watchdog, they might just fit the bill. They love to bark (and bark they do, for a fact). While they might alert you of a stranger, they are not so good at keeping intruders away. Hovawarts are perhaps not the ideal apartment dweller. They need more space to exercise themselves. If you live in an apartment, it would be best to think twice before bringing one into the household.