8 Things To Consider Before Buying a Dog

8 Things To Consider Before Buying a Dog

Before you buy your 'pet' there are several things you need to be aware of. Do you have children? Now raising children with a dog isn't going to be an easy task (after all they are bigger than you and have a lot of energy!). Do you have any prior dog ownership experience? If you don't then this article isn't for you. Taking on the responsibility of owning a dog isn't as easy as it looks. Here are a few things to seriously consider before you bring home your new 'best friend'.

1) Time: a dog is a living animal and will require lots of your time - especially if you get a puppy. If you don't have a lot of free time and your children are very busy at school and after school, then dog ownership may not be for you. Before you get a dog you need to really think about it. Owning a dog can be a very long commitment.

2) Energy: a lot of people get a dog and think it's just a way to turn their family life into a sporting event. When you have a dog you need to spend a fair amount of time the dog is by your side. Not only that but a lot of energy too. If you aren't prepared for that level of daily commitment then you should probably re-think your idea of a dog and whether or not you really want to get one.

3) Your home: a large part of owning a dog is about the space you have available to you. Are you an apartment dweller or a home owner? Some dogs require a lot of floor space to live in while others are pretty comfortable with less space. Large dogs often require a fair number of pieces of kibble to be sufficiently healthy. DogSpace.com gives you details of various dog sizes and floor space requirements.

4) Your family: Dogs are family members and require the love and attention of their owners. Dog dedicate themselves to watching your kids and can become couch potatoes with them. Same with everyone's kids. Sleeping is a great way to relax and grab some Z's. Sleeping is a great way to kick off a great relationship too.

5) Your Lifestyle: Dogs need exercise and stimulation. If you're the type that likes to lie on the couch with a bowl of snacks and the remote you are set! But if you want a dog that requires a good daily walk to work, then you're in luck! There are breeds that can adapt better to this lifestyle. If you enjoy running or jogging and there is no one else in the household with a ready-made fitness routine for the both of you, then breeds like the greyhound who are fast, agile, and require a good amount of exercise are your best choice. If you work long hours and don't have someone to meet and run with, then adopt a low-energy dog that is content with longer, slower jogging sessions and only occasional short walks.

6) Your Safety: Dogs have caused a lot of self- harms out of ignorance or carelessness. Puppies have strayed off into traffic and caused mishaps. Some have run out on a road and gotten lost. There are weather situations out there that just shouldn't happen. So think twice before you decide to bring a dog home. Not only do older dogs have an inferiority complex, they are a lot harder to train and control. They are big and sometimes scary and we don't always see them coming.

7) Your brimstone stays hot: All dogs have a quick temper and will vent that aggression with a hot temper when they want to be in the middle of your company. If you don't want to be at the bar mitzvah for the rest of your life, then you'd be wise to leave that job to someone else. Dogs can be your best friend when you look past the cuteness factor. Remember that all the best friends you've ever had were still at the puppy stage even if they grew up way beyond that.

8) You never miss: A lot of people cant Monthly flee the familarity of your pooch. You miss out on learning great lessons like Exercise together, How to Come when called, How to Relax, How to sleep... With knowing these commands you gain a ways towards your goal. But you also miss out on the relationship that blooms out of those lessons. It's so easy to sneak in just a little extra time when you wake up. You miss out on the fact that your dog might just be the greatest friend ever.

9) Your kids help pick your game: A lot of kids aid in choosing games for their dogs, they help you out picking games for your dog, they make you laugh watching your dog play a game of fetch, they help you get emotionally involved with your dog while playing.