Sure-Fire Ways to Stop a Dog From Barking

Sure-Fire Ways to Stop a Dog From Barking

For dogs, barking is natural, but sometimes the barking of a dog can be quite annoying especially if it disrupts your peace and as a dog owner you need to find a way to stop your dog from barking. Before you take drastic action, you must first understand why a dog barks. It is instinctive for a dog to bark because they want to protect their territory. They bark as a warning to other dogs to keep away. They bark when they are excited or trying to catch someone's attention. They bark when they are feeling bored and want someone to play with. There are some breeds of dogs that bark even with the best of owners. This is known as excessive barking. If dogs can do this, then there is no reason for us to stop them from barking. Dogs have a way of communicating, and dogs have barked for thousands of years. Then there are those dogs that bark just because they want attention. These dogs get a good reaction from us the owners, in the form of our attention. Maybe they like how we talk to them, and want to repeat it. So they repeat the same barking, over and over again. We in turn, give them more and more attention, until they can no longer stand it. When this happens, we are reinforcing this bad habit of excessive barking. We are rewarding them negative attention. If we let our dog out in the backyard, and let him or her run around the fence several times, and then appreciate them when they go to the bathroom outside, we are positively reinforcing positive behavior. If we yell and scare them, and give them negative attention after they do bad things, we are again, reinforcing bad behavior. This applies to all unwanted behaviors. There are many ways to get a dog to stop barking and other unacceptable behaviors. The earlier we start training our puppy or dog, and reinforce the behaviors that we want, the easier it will be to train them.

Before barking gets to be a real issue for you, and you need to learn how to stop your dog from barking, here are a few things you can do.

1.Establish your position as the Alpha leader in your "pack". Remember that dogs think differently, and that there is always an Alpha leader. If you are not prepared to assume that position, and your dog has the personality to go the distance, it's important to start training him early, so that he quickly learns the rules.

2.Ignore barking when you are not around. The sooner you can quit ignoring unwanted behavior like barking, the much better

. 3.Train your dog in obedience. Commands like "Sit", "Stand", "Lie", "Stay" are all very easy to teach to your dog. They are commands that will help you control barking, not treat it.

4.Reward your dog for performing desirable behaviors. Like people, dogs just naturally want to be rewarded for doing a good thing. So if your dog is barking and you tell them to be quiet, and they stop - reward them! They will soon learn that when they do something we want, they get rewarded!

5.If you just can't get your dog to stop barking, then you have to learn how to stop a dog from barking. There are devices that can help stop a dog from barking when you aren't around. One great device is a Spooter. The Spooter uses a 120v household socket connected to a bike. It can be set to bark only, or allow all the barking modes, then reminded by a sound every time it disobeys. Liveness is a state of mind and dogs are more easily trained when a dog is relaxed and calm. Follow these simple tips to help train your dog and live happily ever after. By establishing yourself as the Alpha leader of the pack, and by practicing command and respect with your dog, you will help him to be more respectful and loving and well-behaved.